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About us

NEXT LEVEL is a boutique agency of professional coaches, mentors and facilitators covering the Middle East. 

We are passionate about helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential using simple and actionable tools. Growth is our key metric; whether it's you growing as an individual, growing revenues, growing your capabilities of working as a team or growing the number of monthly active users.


For Accelerators

We help accelerators pick up the speed and reach the acceleration they are looking to provide. We facilitate workshops and bootcamps, we provide Mentors that work with startups, and Coaches who work with the Founding Team as individuals. 


Our mentors have made all the mistakes in the book and leverage that experience to guide founders to the right direction. 

We focus on validations, design thinking and growth strategies among others.


With early stage startups, it's all about the founding team right?

That's why it makes sense to focus on building the founder's soft skills, inner resilience and their “WHY” to prepare the founders for the most exiting rollercoaster ride of their lives: growing a business!


We facilitate intensive five to ten day bootcamps to prepare teams for accelerator programs.

We'll make it fun and engaging - so for the teams participating it will feel like a joyride.

For Businesses

We help businesses grow through Programs and Coaching 


We facilitate tailored growth programs for businesses. 

Our programs focus on Empowering Women to Break the Glass Ceiling, building a culture of Grit, learning to innovate like a Startup and Building Confidence & Winning Teams.

Executive Coaching

A company is just as good as the people running it.


An Executive Coach will help your top talent reach their true potential. A coach will hold them accountable to their committed development goals as they strive to success for themselves and the company.

Design Sprints

A Design Sprint is a great way to validate a product idea and start building a culture of innovation. 

In one week: we will take an idea, map it, sketch it, prototype it and test it with real customers - you'll end the week with tangible results


For Individuals


Looking for a mentor to walk through your business idea and feedback to you the riskiest parts of your business before you start execution?


Get in touch and sign-up for
1-2-1 mentoring packages!


Interested in investing in yourself and discovering your true potential? Looking for a coach to support you in enhancing your personal awareness or overcome limiting beliefs in life and business?

Get in touch and sign-up for 1-2-1 coaching packages!


Delivering Remotely

We have adjusted our programs to be delivered remotely through online tools.

To scale our efforts, we are also launching several online products helping you evolve whenever, wherever. From the comfort of your home, while sitting in traffic or while taking it easy in a hammock. 

Stay tuned to learn more.


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